locatia is a progressive web application that allows people to view, buy, and sell geolocated digital art through AR.

quick start

locatia is a progressive web app (PWA). A PWA is a website that you can install on your phone by adding it to your home screen. You can also install it on your desktop/laptop.

how to Use

once you have installed the application on your mobile device, you can open the app to go and see art.

for artists

locatia is a platform for artists to create and sell geolocated digital art.

to get started, you will need to create a wallet. locatia uses metamask to create wallets. metamask is a browser extension that allows you to interact with the polygon blockchain. you can download metamask here. Never give your seed phrase to anyone!

prepare your art

is is recommended that you use the testnet site mumbai.locatia.app to learn this process.

  1. tutorial #1 - generate art for AR
  2. tutorial #2 - metadata (please see metadata structure below)
  3. tutorial #3 - launch your collection

metadata structure

the metadata structure is a json file that contains information about your art and is critical to AR object rendering and initial geolocation. the metadata structure is as follows:

                "name": "locatia",
                "description": "go and see art",
                "image": "ipfs://bafybeibknyau5s2n2jrownhygkrfxrwvfimkuopchucs6mp7dwzxks3bum/locatia.png",
                "apple": "https://bafybeibknyau5s2n2jrownhygkrfxrwvfimkuopchucs6mp7dwzxks3bum.ipfs.nftstorage.link/locatia.usdz",
                "android": "https://bafybeibknyau5s2n2jrownhygkrfxrwvfimkuopchucs6mp7dwzxks3bum.ipfs.nftstorage.link/locatia.glb",
                "centerpoint": "84CWHG7G+GX",
                "contentstring": "go. see. collect.",
                "twitter": "https://twitter.com/calculatingzero",
                "instagram": "https://www.instagram.com/calculatingzero/",
                "attributes": [
                    "trait_type": "Loc",
                    "value": "84CWHG7G+GX" 
                    "trait_type": "Artist",
                    "value": "calculatingzero"
                    "trait_type": "Medium",
                    "value": "3D object in blender"

apply to be listed

once you have created your art and tested artwork on the testnet, you can apply to be listed on locatia. please fill out this form.


locatia is built on the polygon blockchain. polygon is a layer 2 solution for ethereum.

you can list either ERC721 or ERC1155 on the locatia app